Interview with Qasif

What is your full name?

Qasif Haziq Dhiyaulhaq

How old are you?

I am now 10 years old

When and how did you know about Peace Generation?

When I first met Abah Irfan Amalee and joining a lot of Pesantren Welas Asih program

Did you experience/join one of the programs from Peace Generation? what was that? what was the program about? What did you get from the program?

I have only joined one program of Peace Generation that was Bandung Peace Week. I was the youngest participant at BPW. The program is about international peace day from 21-27 September 2020. I first knew the Peace Generation program when I visited the peace generation office with my parents because my parents are a friend of Abah Irfan Amalee.

What is PeaceGen for you? how do you feel about PeaceGen?

Peace Generation, to me, is a program and activities that support my passion as a peacemaker. I feel more motivated after I knew peace generation. The knowledge I gain would help me shaping my future life.

What do you do with the learnings from Peace Generation? 

I have been teaching and sharing peace to my friend at school. Also, I make content about peace on my instagram @qasif_hd and on @didieulearningspaceandcoffee

Imagine you are speaking to a larger world, what would be your words/messages to all who is listening/reading your words?

I will tell the world about the rules of peace, how to discipline yourself,  share about my experience of peace, and how to be yourself.

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