Bandung Peace Week

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In commemoration of the International Day of Peace (21 September), Peace Generation & IofC Indonesia are called to organize 7 days of virtual meeting “Bandung Peace Week” as a hub to share and connect with people who are working as Agent of Peace and Changemakers especially in this time of crisis COVID-19. 

Bandung Peace Week [BPW] is inspired by the spirit of Bandung Conference or Asian African Conference in 1955 from 18-24 April attended by 29 countries representatives with the result of  A 10-point “declaration on promotion of world peace and cooperation”, called Dasasila Bandung.

The events held both online and offline which are participated by many cities in Indonesia and foreign countries. 7 International Insights Webinars & 18 International Peace Influencers will attend the event at Bandung Peace Week (BPW). Also there will be trainings on peace education, seminars, workshops, and many other activities carried out by the Agent of Peace throughout Indonesia. To embrace all the spirit on this event, the theme of BPW 2020 is:

🎉 Be the Light and Peace for the World 🎉

The objectives of the event:
  • 🔖To create space for sharing about peace and being a light for others.
  • 🔖 To inspire each other about good practices in cultivating the peace from various contexts and communities.
  • 🔖 To network and collaborate for a safe, just, peaceful  world.
To join Bandung Peace Week, you will get many benefits:
  • 🏷️A broad and great networking. You will meet many great people with various expertise whom they have done in their life.
  • 🏷️Be an Agent of Peace of Peace Generation.
  • 🏷️Open to the access of the international exposure.
  • 🏷️Insight and wisdom. To continue the life with a more positive and peaceful mind and soul.
So, to all peace makers….. let’s join this event!

Let’s meet and get connected stronger in this field of work so that we may preserve the culture of peace everywhere, and be friend with everyone!

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