Multazam: 12 Peace of Basic Values (PBV) Transform My Students to be Better

My name is Multazam, I am a graduate student from Tadulako University on Mathematics Education study program in Palu. Currently, I work as a Mathematics Teacher in one of the public schools in Palu City. I am also an active tutor and ‘freelance teacher’ for several subjects. The first time I met with PeaceGen was through the Training for Peace Educator Program in Palu.

Before the training, initially, I was disqualified to become a participant of the training because of the registrants were very numerous. But with the courage, curiosity and great interest in PeaceGen program, I came to the training and confirm my presence directly to the training with a sense of anxious “afraid of being caught”. However, I thought it was the path that had been arranged by God for me, I was allowed then to join the training till the end. I really enjoyed the training with the trainers who were extraordinary, cool, very easy going, fun, and far from being boring. I feel very grateful to be able to study 12 PBV.

Through 12 PBV I felt I had the “credit” to spread the value of peace and be useful in my society. Learning 12 PBV really helped me to understand myself and others. Before applying and distributing 12 PBV to others, I first tried to understand and to apply 12 PBV to myself. The changes I experienced were very significant, I was very more confident, not easy to put myself down when there were other people who talked about my shortcomings. I felt that I was so special and the same as other people, I tried to analyze things before judging something or someone else, I appreciated more differences as something beautiful and I found it easier to let go and forgive.

After I could understand 12 PBV, I tried to spread 12 PBV to people around me, especially my students, both at school and at tutoring place. I always try to insert 12 PBV in the lessons I teach, through games, teachings and learnings, conditioning the class, discussion flow and presentations, etc. The real change to my students at school and tutoring after learning about these 12 PBV  is that they are more tolerant and respectful to differences when some of their friends are being the victims of bullied or ‘body shaming’ by other friends, they are dare to defend and advise their friends, they do not easily get drown easily by the SARA issue to divide them (as evidenced by the circulation of the SARA issue at school some time ago), they began to dare to mediate and reconcile friends who are in conflicts, and they can respect differences of opinion and not easily accuse or look down at other friends whose opinion is different from theirs.

Currently, my friends and Agent of Peace Palu are also trying to distribute 12 PBV in “Tondo Kiri” area with the children there. My friends and I try to teach 12 PBV by not ignoring their nature as children who love to play. My friends and I try to make fun activities and modify learnings into games so that 12 PBV can be accepted by these children.

As for the changes that can be seen from the children in Tondo Kiri, at the beginning they are still shy and reluctant to participate in activities, they sometimes fight and ignorance when they are told to do learning activities or play activities. However, after several meetings and activities with Agent of Peace (AoP) friends and getting to know 12 PBV, children began to dare to volunteer themselves to the activities, dare to argue, be more active, learn not to insult to each other, even they begin to create cohesiveness, they also want to direct (without scolding) their friends who are confused about the material or activities being carried out. As well as they are more enthusiast.

I hope that there will be more members of the Agent of Peace in Palu who are ready and willing to spread 12 PBV, so that the hope of creating peace is no longer an imagination, but we can together make it happen

Writer: Multazam, A math teacher in Public School of Palu

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