Newsletter #5 – July 2020

In July, 13 years ago, PeaceGen took its first steps. Around 30 friends from various regions gathered in the Ciburial area of ​​Bandung to take part in the inaugural training of the 12 Basic Values ​​of Peace. This was the first seed we planted. Unexpectedly, 13 years later this seed has grown in various regions throughout Indonesia and even in Malaysia and the Philippines.

The theme of happiness became a highlight that we carried on our 13th birthday by initiating a mental health protocol. This initiative is a response to the Covid situation which puts pressure on various sectors including the education sector. But far beyond the Covid-19 challenge, we are also changing our paradigm of peace. In the past, we considered peace as a goal and a dream, which sometimes is blurry and vague. Now, we are positioning the peace as a vehicle that helps us to reach our destination. This paradigm shift will change the way we present ourselves and communicate in everyday themes. Find out more in our newsletter below.