Get Your Bandung Peace Week Ticket By Buying Our Merchandise

‼️Get Your Bandung Peace Week Ticket By Buying Our Merchandise‼️

🔹7 Days
🔹7 International Insights Webinars
🔹18 International Peace Influencers.
🔹Trainings on peace education, seminars, workshops, and many other activities carried out by the Agent of Peace throughout Indonesia.

Get this benefit :
🏷️A broad and great networking. You will meet many great people with various expertise whom they have done in their life.
🏷️Insight and wisdom. To continue the life with a more positive and peaceful mind and soul.
🏷️Be an Agent of Peace of Peace Generation.
🏷️Open to the access of the international exposure.

📍Registration flow :
1️⃣All participants should register through this link
2️⃣All the webinars is FREE. Participants is adequate to buy minimum one product of Peaceshop.
3️⃣When you buy product from Peaceshop, you will get the link to join the webinars in Bandung Peace Week 2020

See you!!

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